Counselling & psychotherapy work best within a safe, supportive, collaborative relationship, which will help you to…..

See the patterns, beliefs, issues and behaviours that need to change, and then ……

Learn powerful ways to make the changes happen.



General counselling, coaching, & therapy for adults from youth to seniors, covering a wide range of current problems and concerns, and emotional issues from the past.  Includes client-centred counselling, behavioural activation, mindfulness, and  teaching of effective grounding, relaxing and emotion-processing skills.

More specialised for anxiety

More specialised assessment and treatment for adults with severe or persistent anxiety.  Involves the use of the most evidence-based and highly recommended CBT protocols for each type of anxiety problem.  Such protocols have the highest chance of success for the following issues.

More specialised for trauma

Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or “small ‘t’ traumas” (EMDR, EFT Tapping, Trauma-focused CBT)

Dental fear

Specialised assessment and treatment available for adults fearing dental treatment, a common and highly treatable phobic fear. Treatments include CBT, EMDR, and EFT Tapping.