What should I expect from my initial session? 

A friendly orientation to the service. A chance for therapist and client to ask questions as we get to know each other. Discussion of your problem, background, and needs. Talking about expectations and goals.  Working out a suitable treatment plan, which may be structured or unstructured. Provision of resources where appropriate.

What happens in therapy sessions? 

Checking in about how the week has gone, checking treatment goals and at-home practice, further working through of issues.  Always includes active listening, with words of support and encouragement. May include psychoeducation, restructuring unhelpful thoughts, behavioural experiments (planning to try new things), dealing with difficult emotions, practicing new skills, processing unhealed memories, practical problem solving, or working on lifestyle (eating, sleeping, exercise, bad habits, building in rewarding activities).

Pathways to treatment, plus costs

  • Seeing a registered counsellor is simple
  • No referral is necessary. No complicated Mental Health Plan is necessary
  • Your decision to seek counselling is completely private.
  • Cost of initial session is $120, and all subsequent sessions are $90. These costs are comparable to the “gap” that needs to be covered if claiming the Medicare rebate for psychology services.
  • A special discounted rate is available during the Covid-19 crisis for those suffering financial hardship. Please call to find out more.
  • Medicare rebates for psychology sessions only cover CBT, even though many psychologists have received no specific CBT training. Counsellors and psychotherapists are free to offer a much broader range of traditional and newer services.
  • Counselling fees are covered by Medibank Private and some other providers of private health insurance.
  • With counselling, there is no limit to the number or timing of appointments. Counselling and psychotherapy are time- and cost-effective whether undertaken as brief therapy (8 to 12 weekly sessions) or as long-term therapy (18 to 24 sessions).  Mental health plans for psychology services only cover part of the costs for 6 sessions in one calendar year.