Dental fear

Specialised assessment and treatment for adults fearing dental treatment (EFT Tapping, CBT, EMDR),  a common and highly treatable phobic fear

Common issues include:

  • Avoiding dental check-ups completely, or putting them off till they are months or years overdue
  • Worsening dental health causing pain and stress
  • Enduring dental treatment only with high anxiety and distress
  • Feeling helpless when seeing the dentist
  • Panicking during dental treatment
  • Uncontrollable gagging and fear of vomiting during dental work
  • Becoming self-conscious and anxious about “performing” at the dentist (being able to co-operate properly when feeling tense, frightened, and uncomfortable)
  • Dealing with traumatic memories and stress of horrific earlier experiences triggered by the sights, sounds and smells of dental treatment
  • Due to stressful nature of this fear, greater likelihood of other mental health problems such as depression, general anxiety, social phobia, and unexplained health problems