More specialised for anxiety

More specialised assessment and treatment for adults with severe or persistent anxiety.  Involves the use of the most evidence-based and highly recommended CBT protocols for each type of anxiety problem.  Such protocols have the highest chance of success for the following issues.

Specific anxiety issues:

  • Panic disorder (panic attacks and anxiety so strong you feel like you could die or faint) with or without agoraphobia (not wanting to go out, avoiding lots of places). Strong fear of further attacks.
  • Common phobias such as driving, flying, heights, spiders, snakes, enclosed spaces.
  • Excessive worry – feeling tense and worn out by constant worry; being unable to relax; worrying about “everything”.
  • Health anxiety – consulting “Dr Google” for every ache and pain yet feeling more and more anxious and concerned
  • Social anxiety – worrying a lot about what people think of you, feeling like you are being judged when you socialise and harshly criticising your “performance” afterwards
  • Obsessional thinking – getting triggered by certain disturbing ideas/thoughts/events/situations and being unable to think about anything else. With or without compulsions, such as excessive checking or cleaning.