More specialised for trauma

Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or “small ‘t’ traumas” (EMDR, EFT Tapping, Trauma-focused CBT)

Common major traumas include:

  • Those caused by disasters such as the recent bushfires
  • Those caused by accidents
  • Those caused by assaults
  • Medical or dental trauma
  • Those caused by witnessing horrific scenes and not being able to help e.g paramedics, firefighters
  • Those caused by military service
  • Those caused by workplace bullying
  • Traumatic bereavement and loss
  • Refugee-related trauma
  • Relational trauma related to childhood abuse
  • Domestic violence

Common minor traumas include:

  • Those caused by highly distressing and personally meaningful losses, conflicts, situations, encounters, frustrations, hurts, dilemmas and provocations
  • Memories of events that remain highly charged and painful no matter how far back in time they go